“Hi, I'm Jules, I'm a french illustrator living in Paris. I grew up in the suburbs near Paris, not too far but not so close. It was like American suburbia with all the same houses and same gardens, parents and cars. The area I grew up in changed so much because Disneyland had just arrived, so everybody worked for Disney, and all the fields became suburb houses and big malls. It affected me a lot and got me so close to American culture in my imagination. I studied graphic design in a school in Paris (2010-2013), 3 years of new experiences and new people, but it was a bubble, a small moment in time. I ended up graduating with an illustration project, a book about the french poet St John Perse. Just after that I started doing internships in publishing houses to get me close to illustration and books. It didn't last long because I didn't want to do graphic design, I wanted to draw and express my feelings. So I ended up going back to my hometown and doing small jobs and working really hard on my drawings to make them better, to learn everything I could and to find the right way to illustrate my feelings. In 2016 everything came together, I found a new environment, I found my way of drawing things, I found the characters, the colors, the tools. My work started to change. I moved back to Paris.

In 2019 I participated in a collective exhibition at Le Palais de Tokyo in Paris called "Paris Ass Book Fair", a show for the Queer community where I showed my first self published little book "Teenage Apocalypse 4" (paying homage to Gregg Araki). There I first met my community through art, and it was life changing. After that I continued to work for magazines like Kiblind, Socialter or websites like Vice.fr. I had the opportunity to work for Versace in 2020 drawing for the SS20 collection, versing on the new image of the men and the new codes of masculinity for their digital communication campaign. Since last year I have been creating drawings for movies and posters, I have worked several time with an important newspaper in France called « Libération » and other magazines. I’m also working now with students at  university level, creating a series of workshop with them around the themes of violences and identity. I’ve had 3 shows this year : one called « Watching skateboarders do what I cannot do, beautifully » at the Olympic Museum in Switzerland, where I created a wall of drawings about skateboarding ; another called « Le bouquet » at Quintal Atelier, a risograph printing space in Paris where my studio colleagues and me exhibited several drawings about flowers, and the last one at 3537 in Paris, called « My Own Private Sketchbook », where I showed all my leporello sketchbooks, each measuring 2,7m by 13cm, about the gay scenes in cinema that changed me.”





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