A Group Show.
Sept 15-30. Enric Granados 15, Barcelona. 08007. ESP.

To compose a polyphony is nothing but to arbitrate the dialogue between a series of multiple independent melodies. Different in tone, rhythm and texture, each of the individual musical compositions brought together into a sole text by artists like Johann Sebastian Bach, one of the most celebrated composers adepts to the polyphony technique, add up as independent beings into a whole body of intertwined relations and interplays. The whole piece now an optimized spider web of concepts and ideas. 2+2 = 5.

At the core of communication, creativity and speculation. At the core of a better future, the acknowledgment of our differences, the edification of a shared melody.

Enter chorus.

Remembering the spectator of the complexity that informs our perception of reality, while moving across diverse emotional and cultural registers, the exhibition explores the concept of union and community from different perspectives and through multiple strategies.

Universal phenomena, like the mechanics of dreaming, or the seasonal natural cycles that condition all life on earth, sit here alongside particular political and emotional stances. Representation of Queer desire and affirmation share space with scenes of fraternity and friendship, underpinning the concepts of love and communication, and the commonality of normati

ve and traditionally non-normative affection. Through more abstract strategies, appealing to a shared unconscious space, multiple explorations of an equalizing nature on the basis of the oneiric and the purely emotional shake hands with representations of pop culture figures that form the imaginary of a community. The semiotics that define a culture and strengthen our bonds are de-constructed and puzzled together from the abstract to the specific, from the universal to the particular.

Without rejecting humour, and commending the occasional touch of naïvety, the exhibition proposes a back-and-forth trip from the everyday to the fantastic and vice versa. Devoid of preconceived associations, free for the spectator to establish, it is their own narrative through the works that matters most. By blurring the line between the routinary and the supernatural, the visitor is reminded of the potentiality of a better world and the elasticity of reality, sending a hopeful and optimistic message, and advocating for participative change.

Whether it is by reformulating the taxonomies and hierarchies that categorize and organize our surroundings, or by negating them completely, the artists participant dare to rebuild reality, being it through a response to its everchanging nature, or by creating a radically new one from scratch.

On a current scenario where all common spaces seem to be subjected to potential fragmentation, and where the concepts of Isolation and Distancing seem to be irremediably engrained in our vocabulary and subconscious, PANG! advocates for a strongly inclusive m

odel, based on the principle of mutual support and understanding, hoping to bring together artists on different stages of their professional trajectory and of diverse cultural and artistic backgrounds.

This exhibition, versing on community and affection, works as a response to a climate of atomization that seems to affect all spheres of our life in common, on an emotional, interpersonal and cultural level. Abstractly communicating to a collective unconscious mind, the show aims to draw closer together all visiting spectators, creating room for conversation around shared experiences and universal dynamics.



PANG! Projects. 2022                           
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