Born between London and Barcelona, artist led PANG! Projects is an initiative dedicated to the platforming of the most exciting voices of the international contemporary art scene.

Of nomadic location and shapeshifting nature, PANG! will constantly reinvent itself in order to grant the most efficient way to bring the best art to the public. Our project moves beyond the traditional concept of an art gallery and will employ all necessary creative means to our purpose.

Collaboration and dialogue are core to our initiative. Our aim to tend bridges between different art scenes and cultural hotspots in Europe. We believe in no borders or unnecessary hierarchies, and keep our doors open to organically evolve as a community, while caring for and supporting our participating artists.

After the radical shift created by the Covid-19 pandemic, and as a result of the policies of scarcity and disconnection assaulting our political and cultural scene, making art for a living has become an increasingly difficult mission. We want PANG! to be our contribution towards this seemingly impossible goal.

By collaborating with emerging artists, we want to promote the work of those who have made their art an art of endurance against the adversities for all creatives in the field.
Because of this, PANG! has a compromise with all exhibiting artists, offering them straightforward conditions and simple contracts, and a higher commission than the 50% industry standard.

PANG! Projects’ ultimate purpose is that of creating a space to celebrate contemporary art and the artists that make it happen. Simple as that. Holding room for conversation between the public and practitioners, where to share the transforming characteristics of an art piece with friends, family and strangers alike.

We want our collaborating artists ́ praxis to be at the front and centre of our initiative ́s identity, only defined by their passion and creativity.

PANG! Projects. 2022                           
All images courtesy of the artist.
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